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Keyboarding Practice

In the 21st century, computers are an integral part of our lives and our education.  Thus, keyboarding has become an important skill.  Try one of the websites below to practice and improve your keyboarding skills.

Dance Mat Typing

Typing Web

QwertyTown Typing

Helpful Resources For Any Grade Level

For Your Reading and Learning Pleasure

Something To Think About...

How Do We Raise Critical Thinkers?

As we venture into the 21st century, we as a society, are faced with more innovation and challenge than ever before. We now live in an interconnected world, where the Internet and global communications are simultaneously uniting and isolating us as a society. How do we raise critical thinkers to best face the challenges that face our modern society? What changes in education methods should be implemented to  create a better learning environment for these budding minds?

Check out the infographic below by Mentoring Minds to find out!