Our young people in middle school (grades 6-12) attend VVA in a homeschool fashion.  Students work on their coursework from home, with the support of parent/guardian, and come to campus two afternoons per week to meet with their teachers one-on-one and review that week's coursework and projects.  In addition, enrichment opportunities and parent-organized events and outings are a regular part of the VVA middle school program.


VVA young people in grades 9-12 have a more flexible schedule with various options to choose from:

  • Virtual: Students take all classes online, and students meet with their advisor virtually (using Google Hangouts), once per week.
  • Personalized 1:1: Students take most courses online while engaging in some onsite learning experiences, and students meet on-campus with their advisor a minimum of one time per week (can be personalized and adjusted as needed/desired). We encourage students to be on campus more than one day per week.
  • Blended: online courses and studio-based, real-world, PBL courses. Students who choose this option work out a custom weekly schedule with their advisors.

The flexible nature of the schedule at Vista Visions Academy allows high school students to have the time to engage in community service, community college courses, internships, work, and to be able to pursue their interests and passions and spend quality family time.

COMING SOON! - High school students will have the opportunity to participate in community internships two days per week.