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Student Learner Outcomes

VVA School-Wide Learner Outcomes

Vista Visions Academy aligns its  School-Wide Learner Outcomes with those of Vista Unified School District.


Self-directed learners who:

  • Acquire and apply time management skills

  • Take initiative and persevere to work independently to apply knowledge and skills

  • Utilize media and technology effectively as part of their learning process

  • Think independently and reflect upon behavior and learning to promote intellectual, physical, and emotional growth

  • Demonstrate responsibility and accountability for their actions

  • Plan for achieving future goals

Contributing citizens who:

  • Demonstrate decision-making skills that reflect character, respect, integrity, compassion, and a strong work ethic

  • Mindful of the opinions and contributions of others
  • Appreciate diversity in our 21st-century global society

Effective communicators who:

  • Listen and read to understand
  • Engage in inquiry to create, inform, defend, or expand knowledge
  • Articulate ideas clearly using rich language, media, and technology


The LCAP addresses the needs of all students, including specific student groups, and all districts must specifically address English learners, foster youth, and low-income students.


Goal 1: Our students, parents, and staff will have equitable access to the conditions of learning necessary to promote excellence and innovation.  

Goal 2: Our students will demonstrate improved outcomes that close the opportunity gap and prepare them for success in college and career. 

Goal 3: Our students will be engaged in their learning through critical thinking, collaboration, and relevant connections to real-world problem-solving.

VUSD Leaner Portrait

The VUSD Learner Portrait envisions the outcomes for students.  It describes the community’s aspirations for what learners will know, be, and be able to do, in order to thrive in their lives and careers.

Kind and Confident

  • Students are positive, patient, appreciative, reliable, and responsible.  

  • Students are resilient, self-directed learners who are self-aware and focused on a hopeful future.  


Curious and Connected

  • Students are inquisitive, innovative, and able to adapt to new ideas and situations.

  • Students are committed to positively impacting their family, their community, and the world.


Capable and Knowledgeable

  • Students develop and apply deep core academic knowledge and skills and can make connections across subjects.

  • Students know how to purposefully adapt communication to deliver information.