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In the Spotlight!!

Congratulations to all of our Huskies who put together a STEM Fest project - we're so proud of you!!

  • Kyler Prescott (8th)
  • Patsy Copeland (6th)
  • Noah Copeland (7th)
  • Isabella Gonzalez & Stephanie Manzano (6th)
  • Conner Nixon (7th)
  • Zoe McPherson (6th)
  • Ela McPherson (3rd)
  • Tristan Donoho (3rd)
  • Athena Suarez (4th)
  • Ashley Gonzales (5th), Cynthia Shehane (5th), & Faith Shehane (6th)
  • Kyle Blackmon (11th), Perla Alejo (11th), & Lydia Douglas Lynch (9th)
  • Maya Carles (10th)
  • Joey Puccio (11th)
  • Sadie Bynum (6th)
  • Alyssa Rocha McComas & Matthew Piniol (6th)
  • Nathan Piniol (6th)
  • Katherine Keith (5th)
  • Christopher Baker (2nd)
  • Sean Graham Natschke & Nicholas Simmers (2nd)
  • Ares Ortiz (2nd)
  • David Rivera (2nd)
  • Aryanna Bojorquez (5th)
  • Maile Counts (8th)
  • Dillon Taupule (8th)
  • Karina Hinojosa (11th)
  • Kelsey Williams (7th)
  • Orion Quick (8th)
  • Valerie Thompson (7th)
  • Christopher Bojorquez (8th)
  • Veronica Munoz (9th)
  • Veda Donoho & Kaylan Movilla (6th)
  • Abel Kian & Dante Gonzales (7th)

3 Steps to Homework Success

Here are a couple tips to help your students through what can sometimes feel like a heavy workload.

1. Discuss. Check in with your child everyday and ask what homework they have. Set a positive tone with comments like, "I loved writing in my journal when I was your age," or "How exciting that you're old enough/skilled enough to create a video to show what you know."

2. Plan. Help your young learner determine in what order she/he will complete their work. You can suggest that they get the hardest material or longest assignment done first, or as soon as they get home, and then complete the easier or shorter tasks after dinner. Or, vice versa - however they feel they can be most successful!

3. Review. Look over your child's work together and compliment on something she/he did particularly well, or in an area in which they have improved. If you see careless mistakes, have them double-check their work, but avoid telling them any answers - let them figure that our for themselves!!

Your dedication and support for your child has a lasting impact in their lives. These small steps will surely help them find success. 

Current School Flyers available on:

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STEM Fest 2014 Athena showing off what she's learned about the Ice Age and mammoths! Ares is so proud - and he should be! :) VVA's awesome 6th-8th grade scientists! 11th grader Karina & her research on computer-enhanced faces Katie explaining her research on Snowball High School perfume makers! Christopher & his awesome Search & Rescue Robot Maya's research on DNA The Copeland siblings 2nd grader Ares teaching us the impacts of pressure on aluminum cans Patsy with some yummy dehydrated fruit! Great hamster research, Katie! Riley and her impressive research into the acidification of oceans! Alyssa & Matthew's research on DNA & fingerprints Aryanna explaining how she made delicious candy crystals! 8th grader Kelsey's research tells us not to drink Coke! Great job 7th grader Valerie! 5th & 6th grade Service Dogs group  :) Aww...look at our cute little high school presenters!! 7th grader Conner's research into flying paper airplanes Nathan and his tests on what's really in sports drinks Great job teaching us how to shoot baskets, David! VVA high school students are the last ones standing! 6th graders Stephanie & Isabella :)
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IMPORTANT: K-8 testing schedule & early arrivals
Beginning Wednesday, April 23, mandated testing will begin for 3rd grade-high school levels. Our staff and students have been dedicated in their preparation for this period. It is necessary to modify procedures during this time, and while most cla... Continue
Posted by: Jacqueline Bispo
Published: 4/18/14

Vista Visions Academy bids a loving Husky farewell to fearless leader Sandi Barnes!
Leadership Transitions and Announcements With the recent appointment of  Shannon Garcia  to be principal of Bobier Elementary School, a vacancy was created at Rancho Buena Vista High School.  Vista Unified School District is very pl... Continue
Posted by: Jacqueline Bispo
Published: 4/14/14

QUOTE of the DAY

"Stop searching forever. 

Happiness is next to you."

VVA Coding Explorative Learning


What is Vista Visions Academy?


Computer Lab-Study Room Rules

The following Norms are what Vista Visions Academy expects from all students, at all times, while working in our Computer Lab-Study Room. Not following procedures may result in being sent home immediately, or entire loss of Lab use and privileges.  Thank you for maintaining the high expectations of VVA!

¨ Respect yourself, others, time, and ideas

¨ Keep your area clean & pick up after yourself; take your belongings when you leave the room

¨ Listen to your peers and teacher

¨ Ask questions to clarify or when you need help

¨ Be honest

¨ Come prepared with your work, materials, & a ready brain!

¨ Be nice & polite (please, thank you, excuse me)

¨ Try your best

¨ Participate

¨ Log off your computer when you are leaving the lab for an extended period of time

¨ No food or drink around any technologic device. 

Never give up!

** Personal belongings left unattended will be taken to the Lost & Found

* Computers left logged in without a student present are at risk to be logged out of, and may result in lost student work. 


VVA Calendar

A Poem of School Love


we believe that learning is a lifelong adventure.

We believe in facing each day

with minds open to knowledge

and hearts open to love.

We believe in the freedom to wonder, to ask, to explore, 

to imagine, to create.

We believe that success means doing our best,

being our best, and feeling proud of our effort.

We believe that every one of us has special talents,

and that the talents of each of us help all of us.

We believe in ourselves,

in each other,




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